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Usage free hybrid platforms with custom development of available technologies and media including; video, augmented reality, virtual simulations, artificial intelligence chatbots, gamification, action stops, animations and ecommerce.

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AI Virtual Tutor Chatbots for Corporate Training

AI chatbots can be used in online eLearning platforms to create virtual learning that enhances the corporate training process, and personalizes it for the unique needs of each learner. Chatbot design is evolving quickly. Initial versions were rather clumsy and forced users to choose between a narrow range of options to interact with the bot. Artificial intelligence has greatly expanded the capacity of chatbot functionality, making for more realistic interactions that respond to real human language in a conversational format. The natural quality of interactions provided by virtual tutors with artificial intelligence (AI) flows like a usual human to human communication, and makes the use of AI chatbots in remote corporate training more effective. AI virtual tutors offer a personalized approach that makes in-person instruction responsive to individual learner needs, and offers companies a way to ensure a high standard for corporate training.

Learn more about DDA’s advanced corporate training services and employ AI chatbots equipped with state-of-the-art conversational design.

AI Chatbots in Corporate eLearning Platforms

The frontier for AI chatbots in corporate training is wide open, with opportunities to develop effective training programs for company procedures, equipment training, and standardized remote corporate training services that deliver reliable results and long term value. For example, AI virtual tutors can be used extensively for onboarding, policies and procedures, and many types of corporate training processes. An AI chatbot customized specifically for new employees can field a wide variety of questions and adjust to the user’s unique background and experience level. AI chatbots can also be used to provide detailed explanations and instructions for company policies and procedures, ensuring that all new employees are fully apprised of company policy regarding sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, dress code, cleanliness, PTO, and more.

Each employee has different knowledge and skill gaps depending upon their unique backgrounds, and AI chatbots provide continual guidance that is both automated and personalized for each user.

When employed to its fullest potential, AI chatbots can provide 24/7/365 access to online corporate training for new equipment, manufacturing processes, security procedures, FAQ, emergency response systems, and more. Companies who successfully integrate AI chatbots into their virtual learning platform can significantly cut training costs, reduce company liability, and ensure high quality learning outcomes.

AI Chatbots in CME and Other Medical eLearning Platforms

learning in the medical industry is very active, and AI chatbots offer an important way to provide a dynamic and responsive environment in which clinicians are constantly learning new skills and keeping their medical knowledge up to date. Using CME and other medical eLearning platforms, virtual tutors with artificial intelligence (AI) can be deployed to enhance the learning experience, with an online learning platform personalized to each learner’s particular needs. Interacting with an AI chatbot in the process of taking the eLearning course offers clinicians the opportunity to ask questions and request additional information on topics of particular interest. Users can obtain more detailed feedback on their performance, be directed to pertinent contact information, and sent to particular parts of the course for reinforcement and further review. AI virtual tutors using real time automated interactions make CME and other medical eLearning platforms more engaging and personal. Effective AI chatbots allow learners to participate in ways that enhance their strengths, improve their weak spots, and drive better retention of the information and skills.

For the best medical and corporate training services, look to DDA, and take advantage of the benefits provided by AI chatbots for online medical training applications.

Example: Airoi and Parker AI Chatbots

Airoi and Parker AI Chatbots

The Airoi AI chatbot is DDA’s flagship demonstration of the capabilities of AI chatbots. Whether used in eLearning platforms, websites, or elsewhere, the Airoi chatbot can field questions from users about artificial intelligence chatbots, the history of the technology, AI chatbot design and development time and costs, optional enhancements, and more. Users access the Airoi chatbot within a smaller window of a website and talk to the Airoi chatbot using natural language. Airoi will help users learn more about virtually any topic related to how AI and chatbots work, and how they can be used to enhance understanding in a variety of contexts, from customer service, to eCommerce, corporate training, and more.

Another example of DDA’s AI chatbot development capabilities is the Parker AI chatbot. Nexus Parking Systems, a company with parking garages and lots located all throughout New Jersey, the Parker asked DDA to develop a chatbot to field questions about multiple parking locations, their pricing, their parking policies, security, directions, availability of handicap-accessible spacing and electric vehicle charging, distance from train platforms, and more. What makes the Parker AI chatbot unique is the way it can handle the same basic questions in different ways for all the different locations. The conversation can be tracked to a particular location so the chatbot can reliably respond with the correct answers, offering prompts on basic topics to help direct the conversation. Parker AI features an avatar that represents Nexus Parking Systems’ commitment to high quality customer service, and serves to reinforce the company brand. Live agent support can be provided through the chatbot upon request, and robust administrative reporting features track extensive usage metrics for insight into customer thinking.

The Parker chatbot demonstrates how AI chatbots can be used to guide and focus conversations regarding complex topics with ease, and proves that AI chatbots can be widely used to offer a high standard of customer service in an automated process. With an adaptable platform that reduces labor costs and 24/7/365 access, the Parker chatbot design is available for others interested in its unique capabilities.

Custom Design and Development of AI Chatbots in eLearning by DDA

DDA has a depth of experience in interactive multimedia design and development that place it among the top eLearning companies in the US. Offering custom AI chatbots for use in corporate and medical eLearning platforms, DDA has advanced capabilities in a wide variety of technologies, including video, 2D and 3D animation, database development, games, virtual simulations, custom eCommerce websites, eLearning solutions, mobile and online applications, and more. All aspects of the project are created in house with no outsourcing.

DDA is a one stop shop for all corporate training services. DDA’s eLearning platforms incorporating custom AI virtual tutors, offer more comprehensive, interactive, and personalized learning experiences for businesses and virtual learning of all kinds.

Explore this website to learn more about DDA’s other eLearning technologies and eLearning training solutions. If you have a particular project you have in mind, contact DDA today.

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