Ultimate eLearning Experience offers hybrid, multi-experiential, multi-media, multi-technology eLearning platforms.

Highly evolved user interactivity, extensive metrics, support, and certification is included.

Usage free hybrid platforms with custom development of available technologies and media including; video, augmented reality, virtual simulations, artificial intelligence chatbots, gamification, action stops, animations and ecommerce.

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Augmented Reality in Mobile and Online Corporate Training Applications

Augmented reality is poised to revolutionize how we teach and train for corporate training and virtual learning environments for the healthcare industry. By using the camera on a mobile device as its interface, augmented reality can superimpose virtual objects onto a real-world view of the user’s surrounding environment. This innovation combines the features of virtual reality with a direct experience of the environment, making for a host of new opportunities for corporate learning and virtual online training. Now it’s possible to layer in photorealistic computer graphics, 3D objects, and text to interactively offer details on real objects, and enhance a user’s experience with context-specific information. The AR app’s view of the mobile device camera feed can be used to interact with the landscape in real time, integrating highlights, arrows, motion animations, and virtual reality objects, into the scene. These exciting features make augmented reality ideally suited for corporate training employees and virtual medical instruction, and in environments where a more dynamic virtual learning solution is required.

DDA’s corporate training services can incorporate state-of-the-art augmented reality experiences into your mobile business applications.

Augmented Reality Solutions for Corporate Training

The frontier for augmented reality corporate training applications is wide open, with opportunities to take maximum advantage of the benefits provided by this exciting new user interface. Both Apple and Android have introduced their respective augmented reality application development platforms, making it possible to deliver the advanced capabilities of augmented reality to anyone with a mobile phone or tablet. Augmented reality uses the camera on a mobile device as its interface, enabling applications to superimpose virtual objects onto a real-world view of the user’s surrounding environment. This setup is ideal for in-situ corporate training, and applications can be developed for the operation of special vehicles, security procedures, accessing and servicing equipment, and a host of other virtual training scenarios. By providing context specific information in an interactive and dynamic way, using an ordinary mobile phone, allows an entirely new approach to information design ad, DDA is ideally suited to create a custom remote training platform that integrates augmented reality into its approach.

Augmented Reality Medical Mobile eLearning Applications by DDA

The innovative interface provided by the advent of augmented reality holds great promise for many types of medical eLearning applications, and DDA offers the full suite of capabilities for state-of-the-art remote training platforms that incorporate the effective use of AR. By using the camera on a mobile device as its interface, augmented reality offers the capability to superimpose virtual objects onto a real-world view of the user’s surrounding environment. This is a game-changing innovation in the virtual training industry, because it represents a real advance in real time dynamic information delivery. Whether the application concerns a nurse making rounds, clinicians training on new surgical procedures, or technicians servicing medical equipment, augmented reality offers the opportunity to superimpose virtual text labels, add operational arrows and much more to a user’s camera view, for context specific information that delivers real results.

DDA’s medical training and corporate training services can take advantage of the latest augmented reality technology to provide state-of-the-art mobile medical applications.

Custom Augmented Reality Design and Development by DDA

DDA began its innovative career in 1994 as one of the first digital media studios in Pennsylvania, and is now among the top online training and learning companies in the USA, offering custom eLearning solutions for many types of businesses and medical organizations. DDA’s team of highly skilled professionals have gained a mastery of interactive multimedia eLearning design, gamified custom software development, and innovative programming solutions, and their expertise makes them ideally placed to expand the realm of the possible, DDA’s groundbreaking interactive eLearning platforms have skillfully integrated virtual medical simulations and P2P deep learning and collaboration applications, and DDA continues to push boundaries with augmented reality for eLearning application design and development. Augmented reality offers opportunities for companies and medical organizations to vividly incorporate detailed information rich virtual learning experiences into real world situations, driving better performance and optimizing outcomes.

xplore this website to learn more about DDA’s wide range of corporate training services. If you have any specific ideas regarding augmented reality, virtual learning platforms, or remote online training, feel free to reach out and contact DDA today.

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