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Corporate eLearning for Device, Instrument, and Equipment Training

Technology for businesses and medical organizations continue to evolve, and depend upon a variety of specialized devices, instruments, and equipment to get their work done. Corporate training services that employ eLearning platforms offer a comprehensive and cost effective way to teach staff how to successfully use professional tools to their full potential. By using eLearning platforms for device, instrument, and equipment training, businesses and organizations reduce the costs associated with in-person training, while standardizing the training process. Online corporate training ensures that everyone receives the same high quality, comprehensive, engaged, and validated training curriculum. DDA employs an engaging, interactive multimedia approach with videos, animations, graphics, text, and interactive programming to create content-rich eLearning platforms that communicate the necessary information effectively.

eLearning for Corporate Equipment Training

Technological advancement is critical to contain costs and expand business capabilities. To ensure the safe and effective operation of company equipment and develop the mastery of the tools used to conduct daily operations, businesses can implement dedicated corporate eLearning platforms. This way, workers receive the information and instruction they need on new equipment, what they do, the advantages they offer, how they work, and how they are set up, operated, and maintained, all from a central online resource. Course content for remote corporate training is typically built as a web application to ensure access from all computers and computing devices, including tablets like the Apple iPad® and even smartphones like the iPhone®. Distance learning eLearning platforms can be created from texts and graphics, videos, animations, and/or interactive exercises with gaming dynamics. A user’s attention is focused by unique combinations of interactive multimedia, increasing their retention of the information.

DDA employs gated navigation to make sure all users of the eLearning platform will receive the entire course material sequentially before testing their acquired knowledge. After the course materials are absorbed by all users, testing can be applied. Testing can be interspersed throughout the eLearning course or put at the end for final validation of learning outcomes. To ensure that no two users take the same test, individual tests may also be randomized, reducing the chances of users taking shortcuts to complete the course. By testing users on how well they understand operating new equipment in a risk-free simulation, companies can reduce their liability and establish a record of training compliance that helps ensure safety for workers and others.

Wherever applicable, personalized certificates of completion can be awarded to validate the user’s completion of the eLearning course. A randomized code can be included with each certificate. By visiting the eLearning platform and verifying the certification code, the user’s certification status can be verified. DDA offers custom built learning management systems and distance corporate training that deliver maximum results.

eLearning for Corporate Equipment Training

Corporate training programs for equipment can also be enhanced with the use of custom multimedia eLearning platforms from DDA. Companies that rely upon their workers’ mastery of equipment to complete their work can benefit enormously by the capacity for eLearning programs to centralize training and ensure a uniform and complete training program that is distributed equally to all employees. Corporate eLearning platforms are better able to capture attention using rich interactive multimedia content that compels trainees to keep moving through the course material. From video and animation to synchronized texts, graphics, interactive exercises, and more, eLearning platforms are effective ways to train employees on how to use equipment before they start working with the real thing. Gated navigation structures and testing features ensure that all coursework is received and users are validated on their retention of the information. Exercises themselves can test users on how well they understand operating new equipment in a risk-free simulation. With certification, metrics, and validation procedures, companies can establish a record of training compliance that helps ensure safety for workers and others and reduces liability.

Example: LivaNova XTRA ATS eLearning Platform

LivaNova eLearning Platform

Custom designed and developed by DDA in 2019, the LivaNova XTRA ATS eLearning platform trains clinicians on the set up, operation, and maintenance of the XTRA autotransfusion system. Used in intraoperative blood recovery during clinical procedures such as cardiac surgery, the LivaNova XTRA ATS is one of the premier pieces of ATS equipment in the industry. DDA created the entire ATS eLearning platform in-house. All video was shot in DDA’s own studios, and a whiteboard animation the course begins with was created in-house by DDA’s animators. The animation demonstrates how the XTRA ATS works in intraoperative recovery. Innovative course content employs live action video with synchronized texts on the side to highlight and reinforce key points in the voice-over narration, recorded in DDA’s studios with talent from DDA’s Actors’ Network. An interactive XTRA ATS assembly exercise using drag and drop interactivity tests users on machine setup for operation. A randomized exam at the end tests user aptitude before issuing a personalized certificate of completion demonstrating mastery of the material.

The LivaNova XTRA ATS eLearning platform also has extensive administrative features, with global metrics filtered by 15 fields of demographic information captured during registration. Detailed metrics can be obtained on each test question, as well as user management and team creation, allowing lower tier administrators to view global metrics specific to their organization. The implementation of the LivaNova XTRA ATS eLearning platform has reduced training costs and standardized training to ensure that clinicians using the XTRA ATS are competent to use the full range of its features. Now all users of the equipment are fully certified to ensure compliance wherever it is used throughout the world.

DDA’s Custom eLearning Design and Development

DDA is one of the leading distance learning companies in the nation, with deep experience in custom eLearning corporate training solutions. Founded in 1994, DDA’s comprehensive eLearning skill set allows them to offer their clients everything from video and 2D/3D animation to custom database development, custom metrics reporting, gamification components, interactive course design, virtual simulations, and more. DDA keeps all design and development work in house, without any outsourcing. This streamlined approach keeps costs under control, and allows DDA and their clients to find more powerful ways to teach, train, and inform, producing immersive and engaging eLearning experiences that drive real results. To learn more about DDA’s eLearning design and virtual learning development, browse through this website and contact DDA today.

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