Ultimate eLearning Experience offers hybrid, multi-experiential, multi-media, multi-technology eLearning platforms.

Highly evolved user interactivity, extensive metrics, support, and certification is included.

Usage Fee Free hybrid platforms with custom development of available technologies and media including; video, augmented reality, virtual simulations, artificial intelligence chatbots, gamification, action stops, animations and ecommerce.

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Looking Back to a Time When Software Still Came in Boxes

The Ultimate eLearning Experience is a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising that continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in eLearning and remote corporate training services. Using its signature synergistic approach,UEE combines design beauty with robust functionality and intensive interactivity for end user experiences that are informative, engaging, and powerful.

2019 marked 25 years of industry-leading innovation in the digital world for UEE and DDA. In 1994, DDA entered the newly-born market when digital media was still not widely adopted in the business world. DDA announced its own arrival and positioned itself as a pivotal player powering the digital revolution. Custom mailers titled "Digital Is Cool" and "Catch the Digital Wave” were sent out to broadcast the coming tidal wave of digital technology.

DDA's reinforced its position as an industry leader with an expansion of its capabilities. As one of the first digital photography studios and one of the first all-digital animation and video studios in the country, DDA grew with every passing year as the digital world took hold. DDA added capabilities such as custom software and database development and 3D modeling and animation. In the mid 90’s, an employee on-boarding and training project commissioned by Principal Financial received corporate wide rave reviews, and prompted DDA to focus on eLearning platform development and distance training and learning services.

25 Years of Digital

The 21st century represents a paradigm shift in learning user experiences, and some of DDA's most compelling expansions of their capabilities involve the development of proprietary custom eLearning platforms. Incorporating the latest technologies as they become practical and beneficial enhance the art and science of eLearning, and DDA continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in what is possible in corporate training services with its signature synergistic approach. Combining design beauty with robust functionality and intensive interactivity, DDA and UEE keeps audiences informed, engaged, and empowered. For the best eLearning platforms, look to DDA.

About the Tabby Awards and TabTimes

The first annual Tabby Award for Best Healthcare App of 2012 was given to DDA for its leading role in the development of both mobile applications and virtual medical simulations. www.ddacorp.com/tabby-award.html.

Also in 2012, David Katz, DDA’s President, wrote a front page article about DDA's virtual medical simulation technology for Medical Design News; click the following link to learn more about this exciting technology that’s still on the leading edge in its industry: www.zeroonezero.com/mdn.

DDA defines a new standard for Corporate Training Services

About Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC (DDA)

In its 25+ year history, DDA has successfully implemented over 3,000 projects, and stands at the pinnacle of custom digital interactive media and technology production. A diverse staff of highly trained degreed professionals, including programmers, photographers, web developers, animators, illustrators, copywriters, graphic designers, and more, has developed a signature holistic, synergistic hybrid media approach to remote elearning project development. Clients can freely mix and match from an incredible depth of media with the peace of mind that everything is produced in- house. No matter what you may have in mind, DDA keeps the process in firm control from conception to completion.

In every medium, for any industry, from a video or animation, web application, virtual reality or augmented reality application, to an interactive multimedia eLearning or training platform, DDA can create the best eLearning website for your business, and help you find new ways to teach, train, inform, and engage.


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