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Interactive Membership Websites for Research, Education, and Corporate Training

The advent of multimedia eLearning platforms supported by large custom databases and complex search, filtering, and reporting features has paved the way for eLearning technologies that do more than simply guide a user through learning materials in a preset sequence. Now it’s possible to employ eLearning technologies and create information destination membership websites that offer more self-directed research and learning experiences. For example, career planning websites and virtual learning platforms can leverage robust information processing capabilities, consolidate highly complex and detailed information, and present it interactively based on user input. Dedicated eLearning interactive activities in a virtual training context can incorporate more specialized skills acquisition to help users follow through with the information gathered from such membership websites and actively implement their new skills immediately. The potential applications for these unique educational web portals is endless without opportunities for home learning, corporate training, and distance learning for many types of industries.

eLearning and Research Membership Websites for Individuals and Companies

eLearning and research membership websites can serve both individuals and corporations in numerous ways. For example, education web portals can be designed and developed as a way for specific audiences to understand their wants, needs, strengths, weaknesses, as well as the range of available resources at their disposal. This way, users can plan an educational pathway to maximize their chances for future career satisfaction and remaining within their budget. Research membership portals can be used to help individuals classify their interests, skill sets, and financial goals, and suggest programs of study that align best with all of these criteria. This search information can compare educational programs against a wide variety of institutions, along with any relevant scholarships and grants.

Career planning websites can also be used to help individuals assess their education, skills, and interests and facilitate their search for current employment opportunities or potential employers that offer the best match. Interactive features such as interview simulations can prepare applicants for the interview process, and offer corrective tips prior to real interactions. eLearning and research membership websites that support military members’ transition to civilian life can leverage both of these examples for a comprehensive, self-directed eLearning and research experience that best prepares them for their new civilian lives.

eLearning and Research Membership Websites for Medical Practitioners and Organizations

eLearning and research membership websites can also provide distinct advantages for clinicians and medical organizations. In this context, membership websites can offer statistical software for medical research to help clinicians and organizations gain valuable insights into diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis for patients by accessing a wide variety of intersecting demographics and health histories. These medical research portals may allow researchers to filter medical data by age, gender, ethnicity, weight, height, body mass index (BMI), body fat, blood pressure, A1-c, and a wide variety of other biomarkers, plus conditions, diseases, disorders, genetic factors, medical and treatment histories, and more. Carefully constructed data facilitates the use of complex cross-variable filtering mechanisms, enabling medical research methods that would otherwise not be possible, and may well provide breakthroughs that advance medicine into the future.

Membership websites can also incorporate interactive eLearning activities and virtual training to guide clinicians through diagnosis and treatment, patient interaction, and other professional and clinical skills development. By providing all of the valuable information and virtual training materials from a singular web portal, eLearning and research membership websites offer tremendous opportunities to create online training platforms for clinicians and medical organizations across all disciplines.

Example: Military Transition Education and Employment Paid Membership Web Portal

Research Training Website for Military Transition

DDA is currently in the process of completing the Military Transition education and employment paid membership web portal, a comprehensive and sophisticated information destination that offers a full range of resources for members of the military to transition to civilian life. Members enter their military experience, education, and employment history. Each member can explore potential career pathways and search job descriptions, average salaries, employment figures and trends localized to individual states and metropolitan areas to find the best match. A resume builder is included that automatically generates a resume in a high quality format based on the member’s individual employment, education, and military histories. Corporate members can interact through the portal also, and reach out to strong prospects directly. A three-stage job interview eLearning module incorporates a video-based interview simulation that helps members effectively prepare and compete successfully for job opportunities.

The membership web portal has an education component that allows members to search for all available grants, scholarships, and military educational benefits relevant to them based upon their profile. These search tools help members determine the best educational programs for their particular career path, and calculates both education costs and costs of living for specific education programs at specific universities. Memberships for higher educational institutions are also included in the portal, so they can use it to find and contact individual members they believe are well suited for their educational programs.

With over ninety million lines of data, coupled with comprehensive research and skills building features, The Military Transition membership website offers fantastic value to the individuals transitioning from military service, the companies that want to hire them, and the educational institutions that want to enroll them.

Custom eLearning Design and Development by DDA

DDA has been a pioneering force in the digital and interactive multimedia industry since its inception in 1994. As the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania, and one of the first digital video and animation studios in the nation, DDA continues its leading role in search engine optimization and the design and development of richly interactive multimedia eLearning platforms, virtual simulations, online remote learning environments, augmented reality applications, and much more. DDA has consistently combined the most advanced technologies available with hard-won market experience to provide cost-effective and high quality solutions that drive real results. DDA uses no outsourcing, and a highly trained and experienced team of professionals are capable of carrying out all aspects of the project in house to ensure the best results. DDA’s uniquely synergistic, award-winning approach in multimedia and interactive software allows the company to create deeply engaging and effective online eLearning platforms for distance learning courses, virtual training, and other remote learning programs that consistently deliver a high quality educational experience.

Check out the rest of the website to learn more about DDA’s wide range of eLearning design and development solutions for online learning platforms. If you have specific needs and want to implement your ideas, contact DDA today.

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